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Las 5 visitas culturales en Menorca que no debes perderte

 août 21, 2019   Entorno

La historia de Menorca ha dejado en la isla una huella imborrable durante milenios.

Desde la cultura talayótica hasta las últimas dominaciones, que puedes leer aquí, Menorca rezuma cultura e historia en cada una de sus piedras. Te proponemos una ruta por cinco lugares que te ayudarán a entender un poco mejor por qué Menorca es como es.

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6 tips for an eco-friendly trip to Menorca

 juillet 23, 2019   Blog

No doubt you’ve heard about the huge worldwide problem of plastic polluting the sea. But what about the water shortage in the Balearic Islands? Or land erosion?

Since 1993, Menorca has been designated a Biosphere Reserve, a distinction that classifies it as a place that has been able to develop socially and economically while preserving its natural worth. Nevertheless, overuse and overcrowding in summer put this fragile balance at risk. That’s why Carema Hotels wants to give you some tips to make your holiday more eco-friendly, and along the way you’ll help to preserve this little pocket of paradise on Earth.

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Minorca, the jewel of the Balearic Islands

 juin 1, 2019   Historia

Come with us 5,000 years back in time. On rudimentary wooden boats, the first humans arrived on the coast of an island that had not yet been named. They probably came from the neighbouring island, Mallorca.

And, perhaps, from the island now known as Sardinia. Although first of all they had to cross a vast expanse of sea, during which they would have lost sight of land for a long time. These were the first inhabitants of Minorca. Brave men and women who, in a period in which agriculture had only recently been discovered, dared to cross an as yet unexplored sea.

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What to do in Minorca in spring?

 mai 15, 2019   Ocio

It rains. How can it rain IN MINORCA? Oh, my friend. Spring is fickle. And although the storms on the island are fleeting, springtime plans can quickly change with the weather.

owever, both the changing weather conditions, and Minorca’s general climate in spring, make this the ideal time for certain activities that would be unthinkable in summer. Here are some ideas.

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 mai 1, 2019   Blog

We are diving into the pool of content. You will find a ton of information about Minorca on the internet. But on the Carema Hotels Menorca blog, we will tell you things that you can only learn from a real Minorcan. Are you up for discovering the most authentic side of Minorca?

We will also give you advice to help you have an unforgettable holiday on the island. You will be the first to find out about promotions and any news from Carema Hotels Menorca. We will take you to the most remote corners, and show you the undiscovered stories. You will taste the best cheeses, see the best sunsets, and enjoy the best nature trails. And, to top it off, you will know where your next holiday destination will be and where to stay.

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