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Carema Hotels 6 tips to make your holidays in Menorca very "eco" | Minorca

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Carema Hotels’s 6 tips to make your holidays in Menorca very "eco"

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6 tips to make your holidays in Menorca very "eco"

September 02 2019
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No doubt you’ve heard about the huge worldwide problem of plastic polluting the sea. But what about the water shortage in the Balearic Islands? Or land erosion? Since 1993, Menorca has been designated a Biosphere Reserve, a distinction that classifies it as a place that has been able to develop socially and economically while preserving its natural worth. Nevertheless, overuse and overcrowding in summer put this fragile balance at risk. That’s why Carema Hotels wants to give you some tips to make your holiday more eco-friendly, and along the way you’ll help to preserve this little pocket of paradise on Earth.

1. Turn the tap off. Water is a very scarce natural resource in Menorca. In fact, most water for human consumption has to be bottled and brought from the mainland. That’s why you shouldn’t use more water than necessary when you shower, wash your hands or face. At Carema Hotels, we try to use just what’s necessary. So, we recommend that you tell us when to change your towels. That way, we won’t waste water washing towels that could still be used.

2. Say no thanks to plastic. Although nowadays it’s very difficult to live without plastic, what is easy is stopping it from reaching the sea. Simply collect everything you take with you to the beach (or any other place). And, if you can, choose reusable plastics such as Carema Hotels’ refillable canteens, or replace plastic bags with fabric bags, for example.

3. While we’re talking about not leaving rubbish on the beach... We’ve prepared a little something for smokers that will help you to eliminate one of the worst kinds of waste: cigarette butts. A beach ash tray with a lid is the perfect companion to help you take your rubbish back to the hotel, or throw it in the first bin you see.

4. Have you heard the urban legend that the mud at beaches suchas Cavallería performs miracles if you cover yourself with it? The high number of people who have had mud baths in recent years has caused premature erosion of the earth, affecting the beach’s ecosystem. Imagine that you return to Menorca in 20 years and everyone else has done the same as you. It’s likely that the magical beach that you remember will be completely different. And not necessarily better.

5. These piles of stones are starting to be concerning. The trend of uploading a photo to social networks with this type of construction has caused a flood of spontaneous artists. However, moving stones from their proper place causes soil erosion and destroys mini ecosystems. How? Because many native plants and small animals are left without anywhere to grow or hide.

6. Are you going to take a boat trip? Renting a small boat is one of the best ways to discover the coast of Menorca. However, remember that you can’t dock on the Posidonia meadows. They are the lungs of the Mediterranean, and their survival is vital so that we can enjoy beaches with crystal-clear waters.

Some extra details

Did you know that there are many viral challenges which also help to sustain the environment? One that is very fashionable lately is taking a photo of the plastic you’ve picked up on your trip to the beach, such as #trashtag. Are you up for it?

As we mentioned, Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve. And in the last few weeks its area has been expanded by a several kilometres offshore, making it the largest reserve in the Mediterranean. Another reason why you should enjoy the most eco-friendly holiday possible.

Which other tricks can you think of to enjoy your holiday while respecting the environment?
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