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January 07 2019
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We are diving into the pool of content. You will find a ton of information about Minorca on the internet. But on the Carema Hotels Menorca blog, we will tell you things that you can only learn from a real Minorcan. Are you up for discovering the most authentic side of Minorca?

We will also give you advice to help you have an unforgettable holiday on the island. You will be the first to find out about promotions and any news from Carema Hotels Menorca. We will take you to the most remote corners, and show you the undiscovered stories. You will taste the best cheeses, see the best sunsets, and enjoy the best nature trails. And, to top it off, you will know where your next holiday destination will be and where to stay.

Minorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean

At Carema Hotels, we know Minorca like the back of our hand. And we will help you discover it bit by bit, over the course of these pages. Although, a warning to readers: if you want to enjoy all of its charms and fall in love with this piece of rock in the middle of the Mediterranean, you are going to have to get on a plane.

In fact, it is from the air that you can best appreciate the small expanse of Minorca. The turquoise waters that bathe the coves to the South, the reddish land to the North, the green and yellow that covers the countryside, criss-crossed with stone walls. The bright white. The colour that so characterises the Mediterranean light, and is a sign of Minorcan identity. Getting to know Minorca means appreciating these colours, with all of their subtleties. Its character. Its roots. Once again, hop on a plane and come and see it for yourself. Because we can take you very close, but only you can learn to love the island when you step foot on it.

Apart from showing you why Minorca captivates so many who visit it, we will give you all the practical information you need for when you decide to get on that aeroplane we keep talking about (although you could come by ferry too, you know?) - where to get the best food, what to do during your stay, what cultural activities you can enjoy, what services are nearby... and everything you need to have a wonderful holiday.

Three hotels, three experiences
On this blog you will also be able to see how we work and why we think that, if you choose Carema Hotels for you stay, you will want to come back.
And since no two travellers are alike, our hotels offer different atmospheres to suit what you are looking for. Shall we get to know them both?
Carema Beach Menorca is the ideal option to unwind in an unbeatable setting. Its location, with direct access to the Cala’n Bosch beach, is ideal. Another one of its strong points is the S’Aigu Buffet restaurant, with beautiful views of the cove and a full offering of Mediterranean cuisine, homemade pizzas and daily show cooking. Carema Beach Menorca is, quite simply, your house on the beach.

For families with children, the Carema Club Resort has thought of everything: beach, pool, entertainment and activities for all ages, and a Splash Park, its own water park! Unlimited fun to enjoy the best ever family holiday.
On top of that, also situated in the Playas de Fornells development, at the foot of the wildly beautiful Tirant cove, is Carema Garden Village, an oasis of tranquillity made up of self-contained apartments full of charm. Let yourself be carried away by its Active Tourism Centre and its Diving Center, to experience the most authentic side of Minorca. On top of that, if you stay in Carema Garden Village, you can choose to go at your own pace or enjoy all of the advantages that the Carema Club Resort has to offer.

As you can see, Carema Hotels is a hotel chain with a wide range of options for different profiles of holidaymaker. Now all you have to do is carry on reading our blog to get to know us a little bit more. Will you give us the chance to get to know you? ;)
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