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What is the best time of year to travel to Menorca?

What is the best time of year to travel to Menorca?

When is it best to travel to Menorca?

With the beginning of the year, you may already have started planning your holidays. Booking flights and destinations ahead of time has its advantages, such as being able to find good prices, and availability. If you have thought about travelling to Menorca in 2020, here are some tips to choose the best dates for your visit.

Menorca, a year-round travel destination

You may associate Menorca with beaches of crystal-clear waters and paradise-like landscapes. Although many people do choose August to enjoy its Mediterranean coves, the truth is that you can enjoy them for much of the year. Each season offers a range of possibilities, depending on what you are looking for. So, how about Menorca for your spring break destination?

Travelling to Menorca in the Spring

Spring in Menorca stands out as a mild season, in terms of the weather. And variable. While it is true that it can rain, the inclement weather usually does not last more than one or two days. Visiting Menorca in the springtime offers you the chance to discover its beaches and coves from another perspective. If you are bold enough, on a sunny day you just might be up for a dip in the sea, though you should know that the water temperature at this time is a chilly 14 to 15 degrees.

Spring is a time when the island is humming with cultural activity. In addition to the permanent line-up at the Teatro Principal de Mahón (theatre), there is the International Jazz Festival, which usually begins in March.

And, if you love nature photography, spring is the best time to get shots of migrating birds, or flowering orchids.

Visiting the Camí de Cavalls, or Menorca’s talayotic monuments, with spring’s mild temperatures is also much more pleasant than in August.

Travelling to Menorca in the Summer

Verano es la temporada alta de la isla. Es cuando Menorca está más concurrida. Pero también cuando hay más oferta de actividades, tanto culturales como lúdicas y deportivas.

Traveling to Menorca in the summer means adjusting to tropical nights, especially in July and August, and enjoying Mediterranean evenings on terraces or near the sea. Because the sea, at this time, is the absolute focal point. In addition to relaxing on the beach, a good number of water sports are also available. Sign up for classes at the Diving Center if you are staying at the Carema Garden Village, and explore the depths of the Mediterranean. If you prefer to see the horizon, get on a kayak and let the sea take you to the quietest corners of the island.

And, if travelling as a family, have a ball at the Carema Splash Park at the Carema Club Resort, where we schedule a lot of activities for all ages.

Travelling to Menorca in the Autumn

Autumn in Menorca is a magical time. The whole island seems to unwind after the whirlwind of the summer. And, although the first rains appear, warm temperatures endure well into the month of October.

Autumn is a time for sports on the island, with some of the most important athletic events being held during these months, like the MTB Menorca, a surprisingly challenging mountain bike tour of the island if you do not know the terrain.

This is also a good time to travel to Menorca if you want to avoid the crowds of August, but to enjoy temperate waters, as the average sea temperature is around 20 degrees at this time. Not bad for a night-time dip.

What about you? When would you like to travel to Menorca and discover all its charms?

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